328th Festival of Frugality

Happy Tuesday! This weeks Festival is hosted by our friend Benin of the very frugal Rock Bottom T-Shirts Blog.

Check out his top three picks of the week:

Everything Finance presents Throw a Frugal and Trendy Baby Shower posted atEverything Finance.  We thought this one hit the nail on the head because when it comes to baby showers, it’s often the little things that tend to add up really quickly and we thought that Ashley did a great job addressing the details.

Darrow Kirkpatrick presents Recurring Expenses: Why “A Dollar a Day” is Really $9,000 posted at Can I Retire Yet? This one is really interesting because it challenges the notion as to whether those small recurring fees that we all tend to accumulate over time are really small or not.  After reading this you’ll be hard pressed not to go through your bank statement with a fine tooth comb.

Mr. Money presents Do You Really Need Coupons to Be Frugal? posted at Smart on Money.  The thing that caught our attention about this post is the fact that often when we think of saving money coupons are the first thing that cross our mind.  Essentially, what Miranda does in this post is challenges the notion of whether deep bargains really save us as much as we think.

Next weeks Festival will be hosted by Credit Karma Blog. Until then, send your entries and be sure to contact me if you are interested in hosting a future festival (don’t make me contact you). Open dates can be found on the schedule and you can use the contact page if there is a date you are interested in.

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