65th Festival of Frugality

I enjoy putting together Festivals and Carnivals because it lets you see the topics of frugality or personal finance (or investing or debt reduction, etc.) from different perspectives. This week, we had a nice collection of posts on a diverse set of topics but still a healthy dose of articles that were helpful to everyone.

Department of I Don’t Buy It
FMF has a post on how Eating Greens will save you some green. “People in the United States who eat enough fruits and veggies tend to spend about $2,000 less on health costs per year than those who don’t.” Correlation and causation are two different things buddy plus what is “enough”? 🙂

Coupons & Freebies
English Major writes a useful post on buying coupons on eBay, yep, on eBay! The Free Geek has a useful howto guide explaining how you can get free stuff: The Geek’s Guide to Getting Free Stuff.

House & Home
Fridge on the fritz? Dryer called it quits? Matthew Paulson has a post right up your alley, it’s about How to Get the Best Deal on Washers, Dryers, Fridges, and other Appliances. Living Almost Large is very very resourceful, whereas we just check out the As-Is section of IKEA for any goodies, she goes and puts things together to resell! That’s her Best money savings (making!) deal.

Save on Spending
David has a few quick tips on how to save a few bucks in a post called Stop The Financial Leakage!. Stephanie has an appropriately titled post called Save on Groceries by Shopping on the Right Day that presents some good tips like this one: “What happens to items, like meat, that didn’t get sold? They get marked down as the sell by date approaches, usually around the middle of the week.” Ooooh that’s a good one.

Paula of QueerCents has a good psychology post on Overcoming Emotional Spending. Mr Credit Card writes a post about how you can save money by going to the library. The Frugal Duchess saves 20% on groceries by being in an Organic Food Co-op for the last seven months.

Sarah Winfrey has some tips on How to follow a budget without breaking down in tears. Golbguru presents All About Watching Movies For Cheap, I love cheap(er) movies!

Ben the Barter King of Money Smart Life gives Ten Ways to Ask for a Lower Price or a Better Deal.

Super Saver has a take on Extended Daylight Saving Time and how it’s a challenge to living the frugal life. Jeffrey Strain has the obligatory haircare post of the week: 10 Hair Care Product Myths That Drain Your Wallet. Just buy some Pert Plus and be done with it!

ispf presents Frugal Ways to Spend Time with Friends (and Still Have a Blast). Getting to Graduation presents Going to College Without Student Loans. Lastly, Silicon Valley Blogger presents The Only 3 Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt which isn’t so much about frugality but it does tell the story of an anti-frugal guy who turned his house into a scene out of Star Trek. So… you win. 🙂

Next week, the Festival will be making its way over to the Frugal Duchess, so please get you entries in when you can. Thanks!

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  1. David Says:

    Thanks for hosting!!

  2. frugal duchess Says:

    Excellent hosting job!
    Thanks being such a great host. I appreciate the mention about next week’s festival.
    Take Care!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you for the excellent hosting job!

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