Festival #137 is up at Frugal Homemaker Plus!

Thanks to first time host Frugal Homemaker Plus for putting together a super festival of frugal delights!  Her editor’s picks are:

  • Cheap Healthy Good goes over the many valuable lessons that TV’s The Simpsons taught her.
  • Daddy Finances gives great advice on how to save money before, during, and after a vacation.
  • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity gives strategies on how to avoid the lure of upselling and cross selling. Do you ever walk out of a store with more than you planned on? This post is for you!
  • SavingsAdvice.com outlines why she forgoes some of the finer things in life. What do we trade to have all the bling?
  • HomeEc 101 gives excellent advice on how to avoid raising a picky eater.

Although I’ll have to beg to differ on the picky eater one – not that the advice isn’t excellent.  🙂  But somehow I had a picky eater child from the womb onward…  heh.  I do follow most of the advice given and my other child is not picky, so there is that.  😉

Next week the festival travels to MoneyNing so get your entries in!

2 Responses to “Festival #137 is up at Frugal Homemaker Plus!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Thanks for doing the round up. I’m sure a portion of it is nature, but isn’t our responsibility to make sure we have done the appropriate nurture tactics to avoid that pickyness when we can?
    Hang in there, I’m sure you are doing an awesome job. If the adult your child becomes doesn’t thank you… well they should 🙂

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