Festival #360 – Hurricane Sandy Edition

Greetings readers! Hurricane Sandy has displaced your humble blogger host for this week, but things are coming along slowly and surely. We’ll be back to normal this week with a new hosted festival from Frugal Rules on Tuesday, but for now, here’s our choices of useful articles and posts related to keeping financially stable during a disaster.

Liana presents How Consumers Can Avoid Hurricane Banking Fees posted at Card Hub.

Bob presents Grace Period on Loans posted at Dwindling Debt.

JP presents How to Make a Bad Financial Situation Worse for Your Family posted at My Family Finances.

Jason presents Short on Cash and Bills are Due…What Do You Do? posted at Work Save Live.

Hank presents How To Start Building Your First Emergency Fund posted at Money Q&A.

A Blinkin presents What Types of Insurance Should a Small Business Owner Consider? posted at Funancials.


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