Festival #369 – Happy New Year!

Times Square is now empty, the ball has been put away, and (hopefully) all the empty bottles have have been recycled. The party may be over, but the new year is just beginning. Like many, you may have resolved to be smarter with your money and make better financial decisions in 2013. We dedicate the Festival of Frugality today to new beginnings and getting off to a great start in the new year.

For all of you financial bloggers looking to start off the new year strong, be sure to submit your best articles to the festival each week. Our guest hosts may include you in their roundup, leading to new traffic and connections. You can also apply to guest host the festival at a date of your choosing (we publish every Tuesday).

Happy new year – here’s to financial freedom in 2013.

One Response to “Festival #369 – Happy New Year!”

  1. Mama Squirrel Says:

    Who is the host for January 8th?