Festival of Frugality #127 is up!

Festival of Frugality #127 is up at Funny About Money, a first time host. She did a great job with a simple yet eye-catching theme that really makes the posts themselves stand out. Her editor’s picks, interspersed among her entries and labeled with a splashy red icon, were:

Sound Money Matters: 9 Nearly Free Ways to Entertain at Home

Not the Jet Set: Everyday Frugal: In the Garden

Broke Grad Student: How an Extra Alarm Clock Could Have Saved Me $100

My Retirement Blog: Strata of Mutual Fund Expense Ratios

Northern Cheapskate: Why a Recession Is Good for Us

Saving Advice: The Benefits of Saving Habits That Make You Look Poor

Can I Get Rich on a Salary?: Generous Return Policies and “Risk-Free” Trials Can Fool Your Frugality

Erica.biz: Save Thousands of Dollars in Five Minutes or Less with My “Secret” Coupon Hacks

Money Blue Book: Make Money with Paid Online Surveys

Harvesting Dollars: Save Money Using a Foamer

Life Lessons of a Military Wife
: Disney’s Magic Kingdom on Less Than $200 for a Family of Five

Thanks for hosting! Next week the festival travels to No Debt Plan so get your entries in!

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