Festival of Frugality #332

Welcome to the late announcement for this weeks Festival. Head on over to Budgeting with the Bushmans for another great post. This one offers great real world advice as well as some stellar top picks (see below):

LOVE the post by Living in Financial Excellence about how to get started making a budget! Personal Finance Journey also provided three great tips about growing your emergency fund. 20s Finances weighs in with more easy ways to save money. I liked Married With Debt’s non-traditional look at early retirement. Also among my favorites was Brip Blap’s top 10 healthy and frugal foods. LOVE The Happy Guy’s take oncreating your own fast food.

Until next week, send your entries and be sure to contact me if you are interested in hosting a future festival (don’t make me contact you). Open dates can be found on the schedule and you can use the contact page if there is a date you are interested in.

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