Festival of Frugality #414

Welcome back to the Festival of Frugality – your weekly roundup of the web’s best articles and blogs on saving money and living a rich life! This week, we welcome back Save and Conquer , where we have submissions from all across the world of frugality and finance. Featured are tips for budgeting, saving, earning, and an in depth look at over all personal finance. Check out Festival of Frugality #414.

If you would like to become a guest host for 2014 please send us an email so we can learn more about you. Until then, please keep submitting your frugality and personal finance articles to us!

One Response to “Festival of Frugality #414”

  1. Mama Squirrel Says:

    Can you please contact me as soon as possible? I am having difficulty getting access to the submissions account, and can’t work on next week’s festival without it. Thanks.