Frugal Tip: If You Shop, Shop The Sales – Before and After

Holiday times are upon us, and many many people take advantage of the pre-holiday sales. But what about the post-holiday ones?

I am not just talking about sales on Christmas merchandise – but on many many things. My supermarket, for example, stocks a number of things during the holidays that they don’t want hanging around afterwards, even though it is not all holiday-themed. So I can find a great price on anything from toys to cookies to stemware, even if they are not “Christmas” exactly.

If there is something you need – think about where it might not be needed anymore, from a store perspective.

One Response to “Frugal Tip: If You Shop, Shop The Sales – Before and After”

  1. Pat Merritt Says:

    I usually stock up on butter (which can be frozen) and cans of broth, both of which are on sale during the holidays.

    After holiday sales of clothing and accessories was a big win for me – I had a 25 gift card for kohls and got a new leather purse on sale – marked down from $52, for $13 over the card. Very pleased