Frugal Tip: Ovens Are Warm

Here is the midwest US, it is cold.  And getting colder, as winter gears up and December rolls on.

As I shudder at my higher heating bills, I also try to create heat where I can find it.  And to me, that means my oven.

NO, I am not using my oven to heat my house.  But when I bake (which I do several times a week as it is), I leave the oven door open after I’m done to let the heat escape into the house.  Actually, I often stand in front of it, because I keep the house on the chilly side.

Do not try and heat your house with your oven or dryer – that doesn’t make sense.  But using a little heat you created anyway…  works for me!

(PS Make sure no children, pets, or silly people get near open appliances.)

One Response to “Frugal Tip: Ovens Are Warm”

  1. Sajendra Says:

    After baking the oven will heat the house whether or not you open the door, it will just do it faster if you open the door.
    Even if the door is closed, the oven will eventually cool down, and that heat has to go back into the house, it can’t dissapear.