Frugal Tip: You Are What You Eat

Part of being a frugal-minded person is being able to discern value. Value does not mean you spend the least amount of money possible all the time. It means, in part, that you know when to spend and when spending is not worth it and there is a better alternative.

Food is one of the things that I used to be cheap about and I have learned to become frugal. My family’s nutrition is important to me, and there are times where it seemed easier to grab the processed pre-packaged high calorie/fat things versus really looking at what are frugal alternatives. As my family began to eat healthier, yes we did spend a bit more money of food, but at the same time, we learned how to shop fresh smarter.

Buy in season. Look for sales on produce. Find out what can be frozen (cheese is my favorite thing to freeze!) and what is not (please do not freeze lettuce… just saying). Plan a menu around what is fresh and inexpensive this week. Buying fresh does not need to break the bank – but it may require a little extra effort.

One Response to “Frugal Tip: You Are What You Eat”

  1. Carol Says:

    Good points! Eating healthfully doesn’t have to cost more money; I’ve found that if you rely on the most healthful foods in the store, you spend much less. Learning to cook dried beans, rice, grains, produce in season or on sale, etc. always saves you more and will always be better for you than the prepared, processed stuff.